A Message from the IEL

Dear Colleagues in Education,

The IEL's main goal is to assist school and system leaders in maximizing the achievement and well-being of all children and students. The IEL accomplishes this by focusing on three key areas: engaging in professional inquiry, influencing leadership practice and promoting and mobilizing research on effective leadership practice.

The Ontario Institute for Education Leadership (IEL) continues to promote and implement through its initiatives the Ontario Leadership Framework (OLF) for school and system leaders from all four sectors of education in Ontario. The Ontario Leadership Framework (OLF) highlights and describes successful leadership practices for both school and system leaders, as well as effective organizational practices at both school and system levels.  Central to the OLF are the Personal Leadership Resources (PLRs), which comprise the leadership traits and dispositions most likely to influence the effectiveness with which leadership practices are enacted. These PLRs are intended to be especially relevant for purposes of leadership recruitment, selection and ongoing professional development.

The work of the IEL has strengthened leadership practice across the province and beyond. One example of this work is the Leading Safe and Accepting Schools project, which partnered the IEL with the Ministry of Education’s Safe Schools and Student Well-being Branch. Practical resources to support districts in ensuring a safe, inclusive and accepting learning environment for student achievement and well-being were developed and are easily and readily accessible via the IEL website.

The IEL continues to work diligently to ensure that all leaders are supported and that learning opportunities and resources are readily available to them. Visit the Ontario Institute for Education Leadership’s website here for more information and discover a wide range of researched based professional learning materials for current and aspiring school and system leaders in both English and French.


Personal Leadership Resources

Personal resources which leaders draw on in order to enact effective leadership practices. More.

Strong Districts and Their Leadership

Successful practices for school districts. More.

Leading Safe and Accepting Schools

A website of resources for sharing and use. More.


A succession planning search engine for Ontario educators. More.

Ontario Leadership Framework (OLF)

Successful practices for both school and system leaders. More.

Principal and Vice Principal Transition to the Role

Quantitative and qualitative evidence from newly appointed principals and vice-principals about their transitions from teaching to the role of principal and vice-principal. More.

Self-Assessment Tools

Assessing your leadership practices and identify areas for growth. More.

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