Ontario Leadership Framework


The Ontario Leadership Framework (OLF) describes successful individual and small group practices for both school and system leaders, as well as effective organizational practices at both school and system levels.  

In addition, the OLF now includes a section entitled Personal Leadership Resources. This section distils evidence about leadership traits and dispositions most likely to influence the effectiveness with which leadership practices are enacted. These resources are intended to be especially relevant for purposes of leadership recruitment and selection.

The following guide has been developed to assist school and system leaders to effectively implement the Ontario Leadership Framework:

The charts below provide a convenient at-a-glance view of the leadership practices described by the OLF:

This resource below has been developed to support school disctricts in the implementation of the OLF.


OPC, in conjunction with OPSOA and the Ministry, is producing a four part series of web-conferences designed to assist individuals and boards with the implementation of the new OLF. The archived videos of the web-conferences are available from the OPC website. To access these web conferences, click here.

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