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Transition to the Role of Principal and Vice-Principal

The Ontario Leadership Framework

For a more detailed description of the revised OLF and the research foundations underlying the design and revision of this leadership resource, select the Ontario Leadership Framework 2012, With a Discussion of the Research Foundations by Ken Leithwood and Strong Districts and Their Leadership 2013 by Ken Leithwood.

IEL Sponsored Regional Directors of Education Seminar Series

Professor emeritus Kenneth Leithwood: Characteristics of High Performing School Systems in Ontario - Systematic evidence about the characteristics of school districts or school systems capable of achieving ambitious goals for student achievement and how such characteristics develop --- provides a robust empirical foundation for the province's school systems in their exercice of leadership. For more information, click on the following links.

Leading the Future: A Project of the Directors of Education in Southwest Ontario

The IEL supported this research project led by Dr. Ken Leithwood and directors of education, Larry Langan and Warren Hoshizaki. The purpose of the research was to further develop the leadership capacities of directors of education in Southwest Ontario and to refine the System Practices and Procedures currently outlined in the Ontario Leadership Framework. An important outcome of the Leading the Future research project is a series of recommendations for the professional development of subsequent groups of directors building on what has been learned. The Institute for Education Leadership (IEL) is prepared to support proposals for partnerships with the remaining five regions of directors across the province.

Succession Planning for Leadership in Ontario Schools and School Boards

The Institute for Education Leadership commissioned The Learning Partnership to undertake a comprehensive research study on succession planning for leadership in Ontario schools and school boards.

Investigating Leadership Practices The Institute for Education Leadership has funded three research projects to investigate the work being done in other jurisdictions that is related to its priorities.

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