Self-Assessment Tools 


The purpose of the Self-Assessment tools for school and system leaders is to enable leaders to assess leadership practices and personal leadership resources with reference to those identified in the research that are required to lead schools and districts in the province of Ontario.


  1. To access the interactive tool, under “Interactive Versions”, select one of the Self-Assessment links.
  2. You will be prompted to create a confidential account through Immix to access the tool that you’ve selected. To create an account, on the login page, select Register.
  3. Complete all the fields on the screen then click on the Register button.
  4. This account is confidential. Your responses will only be shared if you choose to share them with your professional association. Your professional association would like to support you in your professional growth. In order to do so, they require data on provincial needs. Respondents are not be identified.
  5. If the Self-Assessment tool you’ve selected does not appear, navigate to the appropriate screen and re-select the Self-Assessment tool. Once you are successfully logged in, you will see at the top of the first page the “Sign Out” button. This is an indication that you have successfully logged in.
  6. Once you’ve completed your self-assessment, select “Submit Answers” which can be foundat the very end of the tool. A notification will appear at the top of the screen confirming you have submitted the responses and that they are recorded. Your answers are recorded only as far as your most recent submission.
  7. Please note that your session will be active for a maximum of 4 hours. After this time, you will be automatically logged out. An “Autosave” feature has been added to the tools. Your incomplete data will be stored for a maximum period of 7 days. We recommend that you generate and save a PDF version of your self-assessment to your desktop with your entries after each use of the tool.
  8. To generate a PDF version of your self-assessment from the interactive tool, select Download PDF.
  9. Save the PDF to your desktop, so that you can open it without an Internet connection. Additional responses can only be added when using the interactive feature.
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